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Change lives through luxury family travel...including your own 

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For an adventure that counts, I recommend Hands up Holidays

Was your last luxury family trip amazing, but you would have loved to delve a bit deeper into into the fabric of a destination and at the same time make a difference, as a family?

If so, you have come to the right place. Your luxury vacation can be transformed from a great time to a meaningful, bonding family travel experience.

How? By helping others as part of your trip. You get to interact and engage with the local people, learn from them, laugh with them, and make a difference. All this without sacrificing those creature comforts you have worked hard to enjoy.

Really? It might sound strange to stay in luxury whilst you help others, but it really isn't. You can make an even bigger impact if you are not taken completely out of your comfort zone.  

You will feel good about yourself, your family will grow closer together, and your children will appreciate how fortunate they are, leading to changes back home.

Custom-made for you
With dozens of social and environmental opportunities to choose from, you will be able to find a fabulous destination and a cause that holds meaning to you and your family. Save time and effort as your ideas and preferences are made into a wonderful luxury family voluntourism trip. 

Change lives through luxury travel.... including your own

Hands Up Voluntourism  
Luxury Family Voluntourism
Be inspired by viewing our brochure or take a look at our scheduled group trips.

Hands Up Holidays alternative honeymoons best in travel awards ATOL licence - T7389 Travel Trust Association


 Top 10 Trips           Activity Level
  Comfort Level
1. Costa Rica
  Costa Rica luxury voluntourism             HandHand   StarStarStarStarStar  
2. Peru
  Incas & Amazon voluntourism 
      HandHandHandHandHand   StarStarStarStarStar  
3. New Zealand 
  New Zealand luxury voluntourism            HandHandHand   StarStarStarStarStar
4. Thailand 
  Thailand luxury voluntourism        HandHand   StarStarStarStarStar
5. India
  India luxury voluntourism             Hand   StarStarStarStarStar
6. South Africa 
  Southern luxury voluntourism              Hand   StarStarStarStarStar
7. Zambia
  Zambia luxury Voluntourism 
      HandHandHandHand   StarStarStarStarStar  
8. Morocco 
  Morocco voluntourism  
      HandHandHandHand   StarStarStar
9. Ecuador
  Galapagos & Volcanoes voluntourism
      HandHandHand   StarStarStarStar
10. Vietnam
  Vietnam voluntourism 

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Luxury voluntourism with Hands Up Holidays

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Is voluntourism for you?

Firstly, a definition. Voluntourism is a vacation where you combine sightseeing with volunteering.

What sort of volunteering can you do on a voluntourism trip?

Due to the short term nature of volunteering whilst on vacation, lasting typically 4-5 days, the sort of projects where you can make a positive impact are:

  • Repairs and renovations of needy schools, orphanages, clinics;
  • Building something, such as a house for an impoverished family
  • Being a reading partner to a struggling student, or a conversational partner for a bright student
  • Helping with environmental conservation, such as caring for elephants, planting trees, or participating in a conservation survey

But still, is voluntourism for you?

Studies have demonstrated that there are health benefits from voluntourism…why:

  • Being part of a cause is important, and volunteering provides this to you
  • Volunteering provides meaningful interaction with new people
  • Volunteering provides a sense of purpose and fulfilment
  • Voluntourism gives you a warm glow and a feeling of appreciation from a person who has also benefited from your time, skills and care

You love vacations, so why not make it a voluntourism vacation?

Luxury voluntourism is ideal for:

  • Families – your children can appreciate how fortunate they are
  • Honeymooners – a perfect way to consolidate your wedding
  • Retirees – you can leave a legacy and give a 'hand up' to those in need
  • Companies – build strong teams, engage employees and boost your Corporate Social Responsibility reputation with an ethical incentive trip

Why choose Hands Up for your voluntourism adventure?

  • Award-winning, with a 100% safety record, so you can book in confidence
  • We tailor-make your voluntourism vacation to meet your exact specifications and preferences, so you get just what you want
  • We specialize in luxury voluntourism, so book with us if you want to stay in style whilst making a difference
  • Our consultants know each destination and have experienced the volunteering personally, so you are dealing with experts who understand you and the communities you want to help
  • ATOL licensed and Travel Trust Association members, so you have peace of mind that your money is safe
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A mini-documentary about a Hands Up Holiday in Fiji

Hands Up Holidays Video Introduction

View an introduction to what Hands Up Holidays is all about.

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