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Ultimate India - In Style

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India voluntourism group trip 2013    Hands Up Small Group
    Trip to India for 2013

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India Trip Highlights


Your "Taste of Volunteering" Project

This innovative project aims to empower underprivileged communities and teach them how to pool their resources so that it can run a sound and sustainable support programme to promote a better future for its children.

The results have been startling! Since starting in 2000 with a mere 40 children attending spoken English classes, it now reaches out to over 700 children with a far broader curriculum, including a day care and life skills programme for 20 children with disabilities.

The journey has not been easy and no doubt you will be confronted with some challenges of your own during your time here. To overcome the obstacles of building such an aspirational endeavour, the most important ingredients are common resolve, imagination and caring. It is the little victories that will make this a hugely memorable experience and let you get a real sense for this fascinating and immensely complex society.

You’ll gain first hand insights into the intricate and often oppressive caste system, the vast number of faiths and a very different way of approaching problems. Yet, somehow there is some kind of magic glue that holds it all together.

During your time here you won’t only enjoy the company of remarkable young people, or be filled by a knowledge that you could help grow this wonderful project, you will also get a new and better understanding for this amazing country.

So, help teach, or renovate the buildings, and relieve the permanent teachers’ workloads.


Trip Summary

This deluxe experience takes you to some of the greatest sights India has to offer. Your adventure begins with a walking tour led by a former 'railway kid'  - homeless children who live in the railway stations. This tour is based around the New Delhi Railway Station, going around the backstreets of Delhi with a teenager who has been trained as a guide.

You get unique insights into the lives of these children, who also benefit from improving their speaking skills.

You hear how they survived on the streets and become who they are today.

The afternoon is followed by a driving tour of other highlights of Delhi, taking in Gandhi’s memorial, Parliament, Old Delhi and its oriental bazaar. Your accommodation is in a luxurious hotel throughout. 

After two days acclimatizing to India you move straight into giving back. This is quite likely to be the highlight of your stay, as you get to interact in a meaningful way and make a positive difference in an impoverished community.

On Day 7 you leave your project behind and travel to Chambal Lodge - an oasis of calm and tranquility nestled a sprawling 35 acre heritage plantation, surrounded by farmland. The plantation is part of a much larger area that was used by the Zamindars (feudal Chieftains) of Jarar to conduct their annual cattle fair (Mela). After decades of neglect, the Mela Kothi and its grounds have now been lovingly restored.

Accompanied by experienced local guides and naturalists, the Chambal Safari helps you explore the Chambal Valley at your own pace; on boats, camels, jeeps or on foot.
The calm and gentle Chambal of the winter is a raging torrent in the monsoon months. The monsoon waters eventually recede to expose dazzling white sands. The Chambal Safari Base Camp is set up every season on one of these beautiful river beaches. The Chambal Safari motorboats are stationed at the base camp, from where the river safaris commence. The base camp is also the starting point for the nature walks, as well as the camel and jeep safaris.

After two absorbing days at Chambal Lodge, your next stop is Agra, the ancient capital of India, and the famed monument to love - the Taj Mahal - described as the most beautiful building ever constructed. Also visit the impressive Agra Fort. Your accommodation is in one of India’s finest hotels, with superb views of the Taj Mahal.

On Day 10 you travel to the deserted city of Fatehpur Sikri and on to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Here you go in search of the spectacular, endangered Bengal tiger, as well as the ever-elusive leopard. Your accommodation is in a fabulous luxury tent, cottage or room, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.

After an afternoon and a morning game drive in Ranthambore, the ‘pink city’ of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is your next stop. Here you can stroll through the many jewelry and textile bazaars. Included is a visit by elephant-ride to the nearby fort palace of Amber, which was the ancient capital of the Jaipur state. You will also explore the Maharajah’s City Palace, and museum. You finish the day with a rickshaw ride through Jaipur’s colorful markets. Your accommodation in Jaipur is in a luxury fort.

If you choose Extension Trip 1 or 2 to explore Rajasthan more fully, you will commence this from Jaipur, but if not, you will return to Delhi on Day 13, where you can extend your adventure into Goa, Varanasi, Kerala, or Nepal.

Otherwise, your trip will end on Day 14 with a transfer to the airport in Delhi in time for your onward flight.

* Comfort Level: Your accommodation is in a luxury 5* heritage hotel in Delhi (7 nights), boutique eco-lodge in Chambal (2 nights), a luxury tent/cottage/room in Ranthambore (1 night), 5* hotel in Agra (1 night) and Jaipur (2 nights).

Hands Up Holidays voluntourism in India

For a full trip description in PDF format, click here .

Fantastic Extension Trips
1: Colors of Rajasthan
2: Rajasthan Adventure
3: Ganges & Temples
4: Chillin' in Goa
5: Kerala Kruising
6: Nepalese Encounter

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Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries about this trip.   contact us

Pre-trip Buenos Aires
Tour Code:
14 Days
Activity Level:
Comfort Level:
Repairs and Renovations
Police Check:
Guest Numbers:
2 - 6

Price from

NZ$ 6,750
GB£ 3,450
AU$ 5,550
CA$ 5,900
EUR€ 4,400
Extra charge for solo travelers:
US$ 2,025

The price is per person, based on 2 people sharing a room. We can tailor-make a trip to meet your exact requirements.
With one person booking, please contact us for the price of your trip.
contact us


You can choose your own trip start dates. Please contact us if you would like to proceed or require any further information.
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Suggested Itinerary

We would be delighted to tailor-make this to your requirements.

Day 1: Arrive in Delhi (D)
Day 2: Delhi City Tour (B)
Days 3-6: Delhi – Giving Back     (B)
Day 7: Transfer to Chambal Lodge (B,L,D)
Day 8: Chambal Lodge (B,L,D)
Day 9: Transfer to Agra and Taj Mahal (B,D)
Day 10: Transfer to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (B)
Day 11: Morning game drive; Transfer to Jaipur (B)
Day 12: Jaipur tour (B)
Day 13: Jaipur; Transfer to Delhi (or Rajasthan Extensions begin) (B,D)
Day 14: Delhi; Trip ends (B)

Fantastic Extension Trips:


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