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Berghotel Ladinia

In 1930 Cesco Kostner decided to convert a house in the middle of an old village into a small hotel. It’s more than just a house, it’s a retreat for the body and the soul. These are the elements which lead the Costa family to breathe new life with an authentic ambiance; a simplicity which borders on poetry.

There are few rooms but they are all welcoming. The bathrooms are small but provide pure water from the Dolomites. This house has everything you need without excess, but rich with emotions. Here you will find warmth and love in everything. Its in the wooden floors with their stories to tell, in the simple décor, in the table cloths, in the fabrics and in the people who welcome you. Nothing is superfluous in this chalet, but there is a resemblance of the spirit which permeates the mountains around.

Dinner is based on a few traditional dishes, with products from the local supply chain. Priority is given to the finest local ingredients.

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The UNESCO Natural World Heritage listed Dolomite Mountains in northeastern Italy make up one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. At 200 million years old, these craggy, colorful, majestic peaks rise 10,000 feet up and are a popular destination no matter the season for adventure travelers looking to ski, climb, trek and mountain bike but also provide more relaxing opportunities to see epic views from the cable cars, explore the charming villages and sit by the various lakes in the area.

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