Start Early to Teach your Kids the Value of Family Volunteer Travel

luxury family voluntourism MoroccoChildren as young as five can learn the value of helping, be it helping wildlife or people. It’s not too soon to reinforce the value of serving and giving as part of your luxury family vacation. Volunteering as a family for part of this trip can benefit your child tremendously, as well as help create crucial family bonding time. Working alongside your kids on a project can be a great opportunity to learn and know more about them while providing them with a window to other worlds.

Taking your child to a different country to help for part of your luxury family vacation provides insights to important issues, such as poverty, homelessness, animal welfare and environmental conservation. Just one trip can lay the foundation so your child will grow up with a purpose and your child will know how and who they can help. Children learn what difference they can make in their environment and in the lives of other children and their families. They grasp that what they do can change lives …for the better.

Young children can learn to empathize and share what they have and what they can with other families in the world. Volunteering allows children to create new relationships with other children and adults in different places and cultures. This can have great impact on your children: children in one family, after traveling with us in Morocco, elected to forego their Christmas presents so that the children they helped could have some gifts. It can help increase their self worth and they will learn to be thankful for everything they have because they will see and realize how blessed they are and that they are even more blessed when they share with others.

Children love to imitate their parents, so let them see in you the heart to volunteer and usually when a parent is involved, the child looks forward to the activity or event with excitement. You get to bond with your child intentionally and with a higher purpose.

Volunteering for part of a luxury family vacation is fun. Find something that interests your child or your whole family. Look for something that really fits you and your personality, and that matches your family’s interests.

By making volunteering a special ingredient of your regular luxury family vacation, you can instill in your children’s minds the value and joy of traveling with a purpose.

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